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About Us

Anubel Flower & Event Designer is a Décor & Flowers Company, specialising in designing & styling Décor & Flowers for corporate functions, private events & Weddings. 

We understand that the event on your calendar is not just another day.  It is important to you.  It is a stepping stone to wonderfully made memories with the ones you love and care about.  That is why attention to detail is something we aim to perfect, because every part of your event is a little piece of you.  And you are important to us.  You are what we base our livelihood upon.

Anubel is not just another company.  The name Anubel is a combination of the names of the founder's two most precious gifts.  Her children, Isabell and Keanu.  This company's very essence is everything love and special moments are made of.  It represents change, new beginnings, and challenge.  Our aim is to bring new life and creativity into each day, inspiring ourselves and each other to make every single day different, meaningful and more colourful.  

There are many benefits to calling us in as professionals when you are planning a special event, but most important of all is that we work at each individual taste and style, which makes planning and execution much easier for the event planner.  It takes a lot of time and money to plan and execute a special event.  That is why we feel that it is important for our customers to make informed and wise decisions when it comes to finalising their event.  We strive to help and accommodate our customers on every platform of event planning. 

It is for this reason that we are separated from the rest.  We know your event marks a milestone in your life.  And it is our aim and duty to make this event as spectacular and beautiful as our resources will allow.